It's more than Accessibility, It's accessing Abilities!

The iPad and Accessing the Curriculum for Students with Significant Challenges


Today's devices are excellent tools for creating content for students with significant needs. Content can be created to meet the unique learning needs and styles of our most challenging students. They can be used to modify and differentiate classroom materials for each student in order to maximize learning. There are many apps and solutions that can be used to easily create content for students. In this workshop, participants will learn how to use various apps to create and modify content. We will cover several categories including eBooks, videos, audio and communication. Participants will be given ideas on how to create their own eBooks, shoot and edit videos, create their own music, create visual schedules, adapt tests and classroom materials, and create communication support for the classroom.

Participants will learn how to identify what key features to look for when selecting apps for content creation. We will also dicuss implementation strategies as well as best practices.

Learning Outcomes:
After completion of this workshop, participants will:

  • name at least 3 apps for adapting the curriculum for students with significant needs.

  • identify at least 3 strategies to actively involve students in the curriculum.

  • identify at least 3 accessibility features that can provide access for students.