It's more than Accessibility, It's accessing Abilities!

The Accessible School: How iPad Empowers All Learners


Learning should be accessible to every learner. The most powerful learning environments are ones which support the full participation of all learners right from the start. Technology that is designed and used to include, enable and empower, creates innovations in how students learn. It is about removing barriers and unlocking potential.
In this fast-paced and hands-on pre-conference session, participants will learn how to use the iPad to support their students. We will be focusing on four different content areas - STEAM, Liberal Arts and Creative Arts and Wellness. We will break the day up into four segments, each focusing on one of the content areas. Participants will actively explore solutions such as adapted science activities, music and art solutions, coding activities, health solutions, environmental controls and much more. At the end of the workshop participants will walk away with a variety of ideas to make learning accessible to all learners. 

Learning outcomes
As a result of this activity participants will be able to:
- Identify at least 3 built-in features of the iPad that can support students with diverse learning needs.
- Identify at least 3 apps that can support students be successful in the accessible classroom.
- Identify four content areas where the iPad can be used to support all learners in the classroom.
- Identify 4 3rd party solutions that can be utilized by teachers to integrate students in a meaningful way into the classroom.