It's more than Accessibility, It's accessing Abilities!

Switch Control on iDevices


Switch Control is an accessibility feature of iOS 7 and later that allows users with motor impairments to access their iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad by sequentially highlighting items on the screen. The highlighted items can be activated by tapping the screen, moving your head to the left or the right in front of a device's built-in camera, or pressing adaptive switches connected to a switch interface. Switch Control also offers access to point scanning (through a gliding crosshair cursor) and gestures, such as pinch to zoom and flicking.

This workshop will cover the basics of switch access, builtin accessibility features, the features and settings of switch control and who to set up a person with switch control. This will be a hands-on workshop, therefore participants will have hands-on experience with various switch interfaces as will as how to customize the various settings within switch control. Participants will also be presented with several scenarios and apps and practice setting up various solutions. We will also be covering various apps that can be used from single switch cause and effect apps to apps requiring more complex solutions.

Since this is a hands-on workshop, class size for this workshop is limited to 10 participants.


At the end of this workshop, participants will:

1. Have an understanding of the Accessibility features of iDevices
2. Be aware of the various switch interfaces available.
3. Know how to set up and configure Switch Control on iDevices.
4. Be able to identify at least five (5) apps that can be used with Switch Control.