It's more than Accessibility, It's accessing Abilities!

Power to the Para


It takes a team effort to support a student with unique learning needs. Each person on the team has a role and responsibility in the student’s education. However the person who typically spends most of the day working with the student and knows the student the best, receives the least training - the paraprofessional. This workshop is designed with the paraprofessional in mind. The paraprofessional typically works most closely with the student and needs to know and understand the tools that support the student and how to apply them in the classroom. In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn about the accessibility features of mobile devices, optical character recognition, adapting worksheets, adapting the curriculum, visual schedules and supports, aided language stimulation, as well as other tools to support the student. Participants in this workshop will leave with knowledge of tools and techniques needed to support the students they are working with.

Since this is a hands-on workshop, class size for this workshop is limited to 25 participants.


At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

1. Identify at least (5) built-in accessibility features of the iPad and how to use the features with the students they support.

2. Identify at least (3) ways OCR (Optical Character Recognition) apps can be applied in the classroom.

3. Identify at least five (5) apps that can be used to support students with special needs.

4. Identify at least three (3) use cases where apps can prove useful for supporting students in the general education classroom.