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The Incredible Sady

Many of you may or may not know of Sady’s story. KVRR did a story on her and her powerful message that people need to look beyond the disability and see the ability. Obviously Sady has physical challenges and barriers to overcome, but she does’t let that stop her from realizing her dreams. Just like everyone else in business and in this world, we all need the right tools to do our jobs. With the right tools, talent and hard work, we can do anything.

Fargo Woman Challenges People to Look Beyond Disabilities, Creates Commercial for Apple - KVRR Local News

Apple CEO Tim Cook follows a select few on Twitter including 32-year-old Sady Paulson FARGO, N.D. - We live in a world where people are constantly exceeding limitations and expectations. One Fargo woman is not only an example of that, but she's now challenging everyone to view people who have disabilities from a different lens.

Mark Coppin