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Apps for Transition

The transition after high school after high school is difficult for many students. It can be especially difficult for students who learn differently whether they take an educational or a vocational path. If they take an educational path they will needs supports to make them successful students as well as daily living skills. For students who take a vocational path, they will need tools and strategies to be successful in the workplace and to live as independently as possible. Luckily mobile devices can a great solution for help them. There are thousands of apps that can assist them to be successful no matter what path they choose for their lives. These devices are portable and everyone as one.

I developed this app wheel as a guide to starting point when starting to search for apps to support those students in transition. This wheel is broken down into needs areas, areas where students may have difficulty, app categories to explore and finally suggested apps to consider. This list is not, nor is it meant to be a definitive list. This list is intended to give you a starting place and a rationale for picking certain apps.

Click here to download the Transition App Wheel.

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Mark Coppin