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App Wheel for Autism

Several years ago, I was preparing for a workshop I was presenting on selecting apps for students on the spectrum. When preparing for the workshop, I did a search on the internet for people’s top 10 lists of apps for students on the spectrum. There were lots of lists out there, but there wasn’t any rhyme or reason why apps were on the list. Some apps on those lists just didn’t make any sense why they were on the list. One night I did a search and came across a top 10 list, and the number one app on the list was Angry Birds! So I decided there should be a reason an app is on a list so I created the App Wheel for autism. The wheel breaks down apps by learning characteristics, learning traits and app categories. The list isn’t meant to be all inclusive but rather a place to start looking for apps. I just updated the list to version 5.

Click here to download version 5. Feel free to share however you feel appropriate.

App wheel for students with autism spectrum disorder
Mark Coppin