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Read&Write and Equatio - helping every student realize their full potential

I am always searching for tools that make a true difference in the lives of students of all abilities. I am constantly looking for solutions that level the playing field and give all learners the opportunity to learn to the best of their ability. I also feel that designing a classroom, a curriculum or any learning environment with Universal Design for Learning in mind is essential.

supporting students at every stage of their learning journey
— Texthelp

Last week I did a workshop for about one of those powerful tools. I did a workshop on Read&Write and Equatio by Texthelp. During the workshop, I was doing a feature set demonstration. As I went through the toolbar feature by feature I realized that there are tools that all students can use regardless if they have a disability or not. We all can benefit from these supports. During the explore time, as I walked around the room I could hear teachers saying that this feature or that feature would be great for this student or that student. These were elementary and middle school teachers and they were talking about how they can support their students.

Read&Write is a powerful solution that runs across devices and platforms. It basically is a feature loaded tool bar that sits above your applications or browser that supports reading and writing. It’s a great support for struggling readers, students with dyslexia, English Language Learners, students with executive functioning issues, students with learning disabilities or any student who wants to have the tools to make learning easier. Tools such as:

  • Text to Speech

  • Highlighting

  • Screenmasking

  • Talking Dictionaries

  • Picture Dictionaries

  • Dictation

  • Highlighting for Study Skills

  • Audio Maker

  • Screenshot Reader

  • Translator

  • Vocabulary Builder

These are just a few of the over 80 features that are available across the platforms. It is available on Windows PCs, Macs, Google, iPad and Android tablets. The nice thing is that students have one login that works across all devices.

Screenshot sowing Andriod, iPad, Windows, MacOS, Chrome and Edge icons.

Another powerful solution is Equatio. Equatio provides supports for creating mathematical equations, formulas, Desmos graphs and more. It has powerful features like Speech input for creating equations and formulas, math word prediction, handwriting recognition, reading equations aloud, and more.

Texthelp makes it easy for teachers and students to explore their powerful solutions. Teachers get a free subscription to Read&Write and Equatio so they can explore all the features. Students can try Read&Write and Equatio for 30 days to see if it is right for them. After the 30 day trial period, they still have access to a restricted version but have access to basic features.

Mark Coppin