It's more than Accessibility, It's accessing Abilities!

Accessing Abilities


Finding solutions for students with diverse learning needs it extremely important. It is more than accessibility, it is accessing abilities. It requires providing the appropriate tools and educational technologies that make the curriculum accessible to all learners. It is about finding the tools and solutions that provide students with the opportunities to access their education, their world and their dreams.

Today’s technologies are opening up a world of opportunities for students with diverse learning needs. Technologies are at the forefront of providing the tools that are truly making a difference in the lives of persons we work with. Desktops, laptops and iPads can provide opportunities for the students we work with. The iPad has been one of these amazing tools especially with students on the Autism spectrum. In this session we will show how many of today’s technologies can empower students with diverse learning needs. Participants will see real world examples on how technology can break down barriers and provide opportunities.

We will discuss universal design, (UDL) universal design for learning, and differentiated instruction. We also discuss meaningful approaches to selecting appropriate solutions to meet the unique learning needs of all students.